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  • Marui Automatic Steam Hair Curler
  • Marui Automatic Steam Hair Curler
  • Marui Automatic Steam Hair Curler
  • Marui Automatic Steam Hair Curler

Marui Automatic Steam Hair Curler

Steam Hair Curlers curling iron hair steamer curl secret automatic curling wand

Product parameters:

    *Product size: 35cm×10cm×9cm;
    *Weight 0.9KGS;
    *Material: Ceramic;
    *Power: 30W,110-240V;
    *Temperature Display: LED; 
    *Maximum Temperature: 230 ℃;
    *Voltage: 110-120V-5HZ-35W / 220-240V-60HZ-60W;
    1. A button for steam on the machine, you can choose if you need steam or not as your will
    2.Ceramic curl chamber for smooth and shiny curl creation
    3. Curl direction control of Right, Left and Automatic rotating for either a uniform or natural look
    4. To ensure that the water tank have water(ONLY ADD PURE WATER,UNFAVORABLE WITH TAP WATER AND OTHER IMPURITIES IN WATER, LEST JAM THE SPRAY,LEAD TO PERFORM POORLY), open the spray function, to do a deep care for the hair.
    5.Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths Operation Skills
    *Ensure hair is dry and combed through.
    * Slide the temperature switch to the required heat setting.
    * The hair curler is ready for use when the on indicator light has stopped flashing.
    *There are multiple timer settings. Select the desired style time setting.
    *Select the curl direction by sliding the control to either position "L"-Left, "R"-Right or "A"-Automatic.
    *Separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 3cm wide . Ensure that the section is clean, dry and combed through.
    *Please note the styler must be positioned into the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head.
    *Position the styler where you want the curl to start. The hair section must be held straight. And placed neatly through the central of the styler Once the hair is in place. Let go of the hair section and close the handle to allow the hair the hair to be automatically taken into the curl chamber.

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